Mar 19, 2011

Close-up of master's work from the 90s

According to Poseur Execution's wish, it's a composition with implied figures and higher abstraction this time.
Acrylic painting on fibre-board. Flat white background and "carved in stone" like figures. Beginning of the 90s.

Examples of other works from this series above.
Dog-like figure with two close-ups below.

I'll take more pictures of Beksinski works in the summer this year as I'm going to visit his museum in Sanok (Poland).

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  1. Thanks for posting the close-ups. This era of his work, to me, is better than his earlier material -- not that I don't appreciate a lot of his earlier material in its prose and complexity. His move into simpler forms and subtly and using colors to a more powerful degree speaks to me more, though. Again, thanks.